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November 3, 2020

Pandemic writing prompt #1: On home

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Before the pandemic, I worked full time from home 99.9 percent of the time. There’s a big difference between having the option of working from home and being forced to work from home. There’s also a difference having your husband work eight (nine? ten?) hours from home, too, even if it’s a couple rooms away. Add to the equation one stepson in his last semester of college. When he’s not busy working on class projects — and sometimes when he is — the sound of gaming screams can be heard from his room. Did I mention that his room looks like a bomb went off in it? But I digress.

During the pandemic, Zoom and I have become old friends. Zoom sees me at my best, all gussied up for a business event, and at my worst, after a day and night of Zoom meetings. On the positive side, I’ve had many reunions with friends across the country. Without the pandemic as an excuse, we probably would not have reconnected.

My pandemic-prompted work area consists of a makeshift stand-up desk. What once was a hospital-style bedside table, discarded on the sidewalk, has been resurrected as a stand-up desk. It’s perfect for the task: It can be adjusted up and down, and it even has a recess for a coffee cup or water bottle. Best of all, it was free.

After work, I need a change of venue. That’s when I move my laptop to our home bar, rows of martini glasses, shot glasses, and pint glasses tempting me to indulge. And indulge I have. A glass of wine with dinner, a shot of Fireball or swig of limoncello before bedtime to encourage a full night’s sleep.

My sleep patterns, too, have been a victim of the pandemic. Like many people, I’ve had bizarre dreams. And, now, with the election looming threateningly over us all, my dreams have morphed into nightmares. The question is: How different are they from reality?

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