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November 3, 2020

Pandemic writing prompt #2: intimacy

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You’d think that being in close quarters for months on end would bring two people closer together. I’m not saying it took us further apart, but any expectations I had of a relationship epiphany were dashed within weeks, if not days.

Let’s start with mornings. He gets up early to go work out in the basement, or what he generously refers to as our home gym. I, on the other hand, stay cozily in bed and read a few more chapters of a book or, if I must admit, watch another episode of “Tiger King” or some other inane show to take my mind off all this craziness.

By the time I make it downstairs, he’s busy at his work station, dual big-screen monitors casting an eerie glow on his unshaven face. If he doesn’t have his headset on, a signal that he’s on a call (or at least says he’s on a call), I can sneak in a good-morning kiss. I grab some coffee, yogurt and fruit and eat at my desk, standing at attention, as I check dozens of emails in my inbox.

At lunchtime, if I’m lucky I make my way to the basement for some cardio. More likely, though, I make a salad and head back to my work area, scarfing it down until my next Zoom meeting.

After work, if I hadn’t made it to the basement for a workout at lunchtime, I often head downstairs to de-stress or sneak in a virtual Zumba class. When dinner rolls around, I’m often in scarf mode again as I prepare for a social justice meeting, a women’s nonprofit meeting, another board meeting, a writers’ meeting, a playwriting class or, my favorite pastime, online dancing with people from around the world. People except my husband, that is.

Occasionally, we’ll watch a movie on TV. He likes sci-fi. I like rom-coms. I didn’t say we watched it together.

When it’s time to turn in, one of us is usually sound asleep before the other. Then it’s wash, rinse repeat.

Where did all the hours, minutes, seconds go? What happened to bonding during the pandemic?

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